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The following is an outline that you must follow when writing project report.  Here is the template you must use:

Lab #___,   Last Name, First Initial,   Date,   Version ___

1. A brief statement of problem and a drawing (with pertinent information, e.g., coordinate system) of the actual system to be modelled.

2. Preliminary Calculations:  Data used to confirm FEM results. These can be any combination of experimental and theoretical information.

3. FEM Model – information essential to execute the FEM software.

a. A drawing of the model with all relevant attributes (include a coordinate system, boundary conditions, dimensions, etc…).

b. Governing Equation(s): illustrate the physics of the problem (usually in differential equation form).

c. Assumptions: only include obscure propositions which are believed to be true and vary from any given or implied in item 1.

d. Approximations: in what significant ways does the model differ from the actual system given in item 1?

e. Finite Element Mesh – Most appropriate Class and Type of element.

f. Initial condition(s).

g. FEM code defaults to be overridden (e.g., inelastic material, large strain).

h. Other relevant information required to carry out the finite element program.

4. Results and Discussion – Present FEM results in a clear tabular and graphical form. Use scientific notation when applicable with no more than three important figures. Don’t include any raw data. Detailed information might be relegated to an appendix if this makes the report easier to read. Do not use a table if a plot can better represent the results. Plots and tables must stand alone. Answer any problems that were allocated in the project handout. Assess the accuracy of the solution.

5. Conclusions – Concisely state conclusions which can be drawn from the study. No new information introduced here.

6. Nomenclature: This section must be alphabetical with relevant units and numerical values where applicable. Be sure to comprise all material properties needed to perform and computation. Greek letters must be listed at the end of nomenclature section.

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