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Assignment 1: Product and Engineering Design Review

8 x product engineering and design review; 3 pages per item which must contain a brief description of the product then delve into concepts such as materials selection, manufacturing methods, life cycle analysis, recyclability and overall product appeal.  Focus mainly of consumer items such as iPods, coke bottles, running shoes etc.  Four of the items must be made of multiple parts in which you are to deconstruct/disassemble a sample of the product.

Assignment 2: Product Development Group Assessment

Background: you are a group of engineering designers contracted to design and build a prototype of a low cost foosball table. You must do background research, design and build a prototype for the project investors in nine weeks. Your prototypes must be virtual and physical as a design review will be held in week 5 of the project to assess progress.

Design and construction of a Foosball Table: Must be of regulation size (for you to determine) and contain 11 players per team, the height of the table must be determined but keep ergonomics in mind.

Materials, the bulk of the table must be made from cardboard (or fully recyclable materials) as per online exs, the players can be produced via any means (3D printing will be made available), and all materials must be recycled or have the ability to be recycled.  A ball will be provided for play and evaluation during week 9. Production methods of the prototype are completely up to the group, but remember you are pitching to investors for your design. A group presentation which relates to assignment 2.

The table must be able to support a 25kg weight over one corner of the table and survive a minimum of 3 games of foosball (up to 11 points each game). Ability for the table to meet this must be addressed in the design review and proven.

The report must contain full design review including a justification of all materials used, a review of Design For X principles used in design and build of table (eg. assembly, shipping, repair etc etc). A full list of production and assembly drawings must be included.  A FMEA also must be included and how issues identified where overcome. Also marks will be awarded for style, design, creativity and innovation.  The report must be a professional PDF report submitted to Cloud Deakin.

Cost: 3D printing will be provided up to $50 per team, all other materials needed are to be provided by the teams, and no more than $100 per team should be spent. A budget justification will be needed in final report.

Assignment 3: Individual Performance Related to Group Project

Based on peer review related to assignment 2:

Each group member will carry out a review of the group’s performance and the people in their group. This will be based upon team work, level of personal contribution and overall outcomes. This will be conducted via Cloud Deakin.

Based on individual report related to assignment 2:

This report will look at your personal contribution to the group project, what you learnt, how you overcame problems as well as assessing your level of contribution. This will be conducted via Cloud Deakin.

Based on individual performance related to group presentation and performance:

This will be assessed by a panel looking at your contribution during the project and also performance during project presentations. Aspects such as professionalism, Knowledge and problem solving will be assessed.

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