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problem 1: What do you mean by the term responsivity?

problem 2: List all the three factors limiting the speed of response of a photodiode.

problem 3: Define the term SNR and BER.

problem 4: What are materials which are used for making avalanche photodiodes? What are the benefits and drawbacks of such materials?

problem 5: Derive the expression for S/N in case of PIN photo detector under different conditions.

problem 6: Describe how Avalanche diode works. Compare the APD with PIN diode for sensitivity. What limits the eventual sensitivity of Avalanche diode?

problem 7: Compare the major characteristics of Pin photodiode and APD.

problem 8: Illustrate the criteria which define significant performance and compatibility needs for optical detectors.

problem 9: An LED operating at 1300 nm injects 25uW of optical power into a fiber. If the attenuation between the LED and photo detector is 40dB and photo detection quantum efficiency is 0.65, determine the probability which less electron-hole pairs are produced at detection in a 1 ns interval?

problem 10: What do you understand by the term Bit Error Rate (BER)? Find out its typical values? Derive the expression for BER for typical optical receiver.

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