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Problem 1: find out the bending  (σx) and shear stress (τTxy) at the surface element shown on the solid circular shaft below. Use Mohr's circle to find out the principle stresses, σ1, σ2 the maximum shear stress on the element, τmax and the angle, θ, between the plane shown and the plane of principle stresses. Use the following data:

F = 20 kips
d = 16 in
L = 6 ft
c = 3 in
E = 29000 ksi
G = 11200 ksi

194_find out bending.jpg

Problem 2: find out the minimum critical Euler axial compression force, σcr and the minimum critical Euler axial compression stress, σcr, for the column below which is pinned at the top and bottom ends and braced as shown. Use the following properties....

A = 12 in2  
l xx   = 300 in4  
I ri   = 50 in 
L = 20 ft
E = 29,000 ksi

270_euler axial.jpg

Problem 3: Derive the equations of the elastic curve and use them to find out the deflection and rotation at point B in terms of E, I, F and L.

2005_find out deflection.jpg

Problem 4: find out the maximum bending stress in the  wood AND steel of the composite section shown below, knowing:

Ew = 1875 ksi
Es = 29000 ksi
M = 400 in-kip

2483_maximum bending.jpg

Problem 5: The round tensile specimen shown below has a diameter of 0.5 in. A load, F, is applied and the deflection, δ, is measured. Given the following:

d = 0.5 in
Lo = 10 in
F = 5 kip
g = 0.022 in

find out E (elastic modulus) for the material of the specimen. Also, find out the axial tension, σu, in the specimen and the engineering axial strain, ε. Assume that stresses and strains are in the elastic range of the stress-strain diagram.

829_stress strain diagram.jpg

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