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Section A-Descriptive problems

problem1) a) Define food science and technology and discuss its scope in context of dietetics and food service management.

b) Discuss the function of sugars in appearance of foods.

problem2)a) Distinguish between starches, modified starches and non-starch polysaccharides giving exs.

b) Discuss functional application of the following substances in the food industry

i) Pectin

ii) Guar gum

iii) Gellan gum

problem3)a) Briefly describe the deteriorative changes occurring in fats and oils.

b) describe how the antioxidants delay the onset of rancidity.

problem4) a)

List the functional properties of proteins and discuss any one in detail.

b) Briefly describe the application of proteins in the food industry.

problem5) a) describe role of enzymes and colours in the food industry.

b) Distinguish the following and give appropriate exs:

i) Sol and Gel

ii) Foams and emulsion

problem6) Name any one alteration occurring in following foods during processing.

i) Green leafy vegetable (particularly Spinach)

ii) Milk and milk product

iii) Meat

iv) Fish

problem7) Present a review on traditional methods and methods of food processing used today.

problem8) a) describe the 12D concepts used in sterilizing foods.

b) Elaborate on the principles of drying and freezing as a method of food processing.

c) Enumerate methods commonly used for drying and freezing.

problem9) a) What are the microorganisms involved in fermented foods? Describe giving exs of foods fermented by microorganisms and their function in the fermentation process.

b) Briefly describe the use of chemicals as preservatives.


a) What are functional foods? Name the special ingredients needed in development of functional foods.

b) describe the function of sensory evaluation during product life cycle.

c) Enumerate preliminary preparation steps involved for preparing raw material for processing.

Section B-OTQ (Objective Type problems)

problem1) Describe the following in 2-3 sentences each:

(i) Shelf–life

(ii) Food irradiation

(iii) Water activity

(iv) Concentration

(v) Pasteurization

(vi) Rheology

(vii) Tyndall effect

(viii) Single cell proteins (SCP)

(ix) Product development

(x)Hedonic Rating

problem2) prepare the function of the following in the food industry

(i) Niacin

(ii) Vitamin A

(iii) Vitamin E

(iv) Sodium

(v) Gluten

(vi) Pullulan

(vii) Agar

(viii) Sugars (in surface cracking in cookies)

(ix) Suspension

(x) Vitamin D

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