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1. prepare down the recommended procedures for the experimental design.

2. Describe the three applications of design of experiments in engineering activities.

3. What is meant by a noise factor in robust design? Describe the various kinds of noise With appropriate ex.

4. prepare down the difference between factorial design and fractional factorial design. Also prepare down the drawbacks of the one-factor-at-a-time experimental designs?

5. What is meant by an orthogonal array? Describe the following types of orthogonal arrays.

(a) Standard orthogonal arrays     (b) Mixed orthogonal arrays

6. Describe the following terms connected to parameter design

(a) Inner array     (b) Outer array     (c) Combined array

7. With suitable ex, describe the various stages involved in product design and product design while using statistical design principles.

8. Describe, how optimized design would reduce R&D, production and life time cost. Also describe the role of sampling in statistical experimental design in detail.

9.(a) With a appropriate ex, describe the various variability that occur due to noise factor while machining a component.

(b) As per Taguchi; what is meant by quality design? describe its contents in detail.

10. Describe the following terms. Also illustrate how they are useful in finding the process average.

(a) sample mean

(b) sample variance

(c) sample standard deviation

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