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problem 1: Define the term Clausius Inequality.

problem 2: Derive an expression to find out the efficiency of the Carnot cycle.

problem 3: State the Carnot’s Theorem 1 and Carnot’s Theorem 2.

problem 4: Define the terms reversibility and irreversibility.

problem 5: A refrigerator plant operates on reversed Carnot heat engine cycle. It is maintained at a temperature of -5oC and the heat rejected at the rate of 5 kW. The atmospheric temperature is 25oC. Compute the power required to drive the plant.

problem 6: A Carnot (Reversible) engine works between 300o C and 33o C. The heat supplied to the engine is 20 kJ. Find out:

a) Efficiency.
b) Work output.
c) Heat rejection.

problem 7: Define the terms:

a) Dryness fraction.
b) Wetness fraction.

problem 8: What do you meant by the term Critical Temperature and Critical Pressure, give their values?

problem 9: Define the terms:

a) Latent heat of fusion.
b) Latent heat of vaporization.

problem 10: Distinguish between super heated steam and dry steam.

problem 11: Draw the labeled layout of a Rankine cycle and as well draw the Ts diagram, Describe.

problem 12: Compute the internal energy of 1 kg of steam at a pressure of 10 bar when the condition of steam is:

a) Wet and dryness fraction is 0.85
b) dry and saturated
c) Super heated with degree of super heat being 50oC. The specific heat of super heated steam at constant pressure is 2.29 kJ/kg K.

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