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problem 1: Draw the labeled circuit diagram of the Double Differentiator.

problem 2: Why RC circuits are generally used as compared to the RL circuits?

problem 3: A step input of 10V when applied to the Low Pass RC circuit generates the output with a Rise time of 200 micro sec. Compute the upper 3dB frequency of the circuit if the circuit employs a capacitor of 0.47 micro F, find out the value of the resistance.

problem 4: A pulse of 5 V amplitude and pulse width of 0.5 msec is applied to the High pass RC circuit comprising of R = 22 K ohms and C = 0.47 microF. Sketch the output waveform and find out the percentage tilt in the output.

problem 5: A pulse of 10V amplitude and pulse width of 1msec is applied to the low pass RC circuit. R = 30 Kohm, C = 0.2 microfarad. Sketch the Output waveform.

problem 6: Make an RC differentiator circuit for pulses of 1ms repletion and 10V amplitude. The trigger pulses are to have 8 V amplitude. The source resistance is 50 ohm and load resistance is 500 ohm.

problem 7: In an uncompensated attenuator the circuit components values are R1 = 10 K ohm, R2 = 2 K ohm, Cl = 120pF, C2 = 30pF. Compute:

a) Rise time when CI is not joined.
b) For avoiding overshoot compute the exact value of CI.

problem 8: Why is silicon chosen over the germanium in the manufacture of semiconductor devices?

problem 9: Name the devices which can be used as switches.

problem 10: What is the effect of temperature on the reverse current of the P-N junction?

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