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Scenario: A Power Point presentation and a short report relating to the capabilities of Solidworks Motion Manager are required on.  This presentation is expected to provide  the analysis  of the simple mechanism shown below. The standard of this presentation will be expected to be of the quality as if you would have to make a presentation to your management at work, convincing them to buy the software.

• Work in a team of two students
• Design the parts using SolidWorks
• Assemble parts
• Tools- Add-ins- Motion Manager
• Analyse the linkage and produce an AVI movie.
• Verify your results by mathematical computation  (long hand)
• Create a professional Power Point Presentation, showing  your  findings
• Your mark will depend on the degree of difficulty of your design,  the validity of your results, and the quality of your presentation.

Please  submit  PPT presentation through  AUTOnline  and the  report  on A4 paper.
Slotted  Linkage:

Model and analyse  the  slotted pin  linkage  below. Assume all width of the parts to be 20mm, depth 5mm, pin and slot to be 1Omm and the fixing pins to be 8mm diameter.
• The pin A of the hinged  link  is confined  to move  in the rotating  slot of link 00. The  angular velocity of OD is 2rad/sec clockwise  and  is constant  for the  interval  of motion  concerned.

• For the position  shown, where 00 = 45° and AC = horizontal, determine the velocity of pin A, and  the angular acceleration of AC.

364_slotted linkage.jpg

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