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Part A:

problem 1:   

a) List the main objectives of antenatal care.
b) State the sign of true labour.
c) describe the nursing management of primi gravida mother during second phase of labour.
d) List out all the problems of Pueperium.                          

problem 2:  

a) Define the term birth asphyxia.
b) Discuss the factors ponting out the need for resuscitation of a new born.
c) Describe the initial steps of resuscitation.
d) Describe how, you will evaluate the gestational age of a new born.                
Part B:
problem 3:  

a) describe the techniques of fluid loss from the body
b) describe the role of a nurse in monitoring a new born on fluid therapy.           

problem 4:   

a) List the problems of a low birth weight baby.   
b) Describe the nursing care of low birth weight baby.                       

problem 5:   

a) Define thermal protection.
b) Describe the components of Kangaroo Mother Care.

problem 6: Describe the general management and nursing management of a sick neonate.                                             

problem 7: Describe the preoperative and post operative nursing care of a new born with trachesophageal fistula and esophageal atresia.                  
problem 8:  

a) Define growth and development.
b) describe the factors influencing growth and development.

Part C:

problem 9: Place tick mark (√) against the most suitable answer given under each statement.

a) The main infant and young child feeding practice indicators are:

  • Early initiation and duration of breastfeeding
  • Exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding and bottle feeding
  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Bottle feeding

b) A Substance which gets dissolved in the other substance is:

  • Solvent
  • Solute
  • Solution
  • Diffusion

c) A new born baby, born with gestational age of 37-41 weeks is:

  • Term baby
  • Pre-term baby
  • Post term baby
  • Small for date baby

d) A new born baby is prone to lose heat due to:

  • Big surface area and decreased brown fat.
  • Big surface area and low subcutanceous fat.
  • Low subcutaneous fat and small surface area.
  • Big surface area and low subcutaneous fat.

e) Gross motor development includes:

  • Control of child over his body and locomotion.
  • Control over sitting and standing.
  • Control over standing and walking.
  • Control over walking and jumping.

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