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1. Calmodulin
a. is an ubiquitous protein in eukaryotic cells
b. binds Ca2+
c. is a membrane bound protein
d. a and b

2. All of the following properties about nitric oxide are true EXCEPT:
a. is a gas
b. is synthesized from O2 and arginine
c. has a half-life of 2-3 minutes
d. activates guanylyl cyclase

3. A gain-of-function in which of the following would promote malignancy in cells whose proliferation is inhibited by TGF?
a. co-Smad
b. I-Smad
c. R-Smad
d. all of the above

4. Which of the following receptors binds TGF?
a. type I
b. type II
c. type III
d. types I and II
e. types II and III

5. Which of the following events occurs during the epinephrine-stimulated conversion of glycogen to glucose-1-phosphate?
a. inhibition of PKA by cAMP
b. inhibition of glycogen synthase
c. inhibition of glycogen phosphorylase
d. activation of glycogen synthase

6. cGMP phosphodiesterase catalyzes the conversion of
a. cAMP to cGMP
b. cGMP to 5'-GMP
c. GTP to cGMP
d. cGMP to GDP

7. Binding of hormone to a receptor tyrosine kinase causes all of the following EXCEPT:
a. dimerization of the receptor
b. autophosphorylation of the receptor
c. activation of Ras through an interaction with GRB2 and Sos
d. hydrolysis of GTP bound to Ras

8. In the MAP kinase pathway .p90RSK phosphorlates
a. MEK
b. MAP kinase
c. serum response factor
d. RAF

9. In the MAP kinase pathway . p90RSK is phosphorylated by:
a. MEK
b. MAP kinase
c. serum response factor
d. RAF

10. The discovery of green fluorescent protein (GFP) has greatly facilitated living cell experiments because
a. GRP is green
b. GFP requires a jellyfish-specific cofactor
c. GFP sequences may be readily fused to those of other proteins
d. wild-type GFP folding is adapted to normal sea water temperatures, 15-25◦C

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