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problem 1:

a) Describe the fields of applications of Photogrammetry.
b) Describe the benefits of aerial surveys over conventional ground surveys.

problem 2:

a) Describe the electromagnetic remote sensing process.
b) describe the overview of linkage of remote sensing and GIS.

problem 3:

a) State the electromagnetic spectral regions.
b) prepare the benefits of remote sensing.

problem 4:

a) Categorize and describe the imaging sensor systems.
b) prepare the characteristics of Landsat satellites and their sensors.

problem 5:

a) Describe the electromagnetic process in integration with GIS.
b) Describe the electromagnetic energy interactions with earth surface materials.

problem 6:

a) describe the spectral characteristics of water bodies.
b) prepare notes on the spatial and spectral resolution.

problem 7:

a) Describe the components of GIS.
b) prepare the significant terminology of GIS.

problem 8:

a) prepare the advantages and disadvantages of GIS.
b) What are the fundamental requirements for GIS? 

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