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Answer the following problems.

problem1) Match the words given in column A with column B.

 Column A                                       Column B

i. Theophrastus                        1 Phytopinax
ii. Caspar Bauhin                       2 Vrishayurveda
iii. Linnaeus                              3 Swastikaganiyam
iv. Parashara                            4 Quadrupeda
v. Cruciferae                             5 Historia Plantarium

b) Differentiate between Natural and Phylogenetic classification. List the basis of classification given by Linnaeus. Give the demerits of the Phylogenetic system given by Engler and Prantl.

problem2) (a) describe why selection of taxonomic character is most important criteria for any classification system.

(b) describe taxonomic hierarchy by giving appropriate ex.

problem3) (i) Draw a table for Whittaker Five Kingdoms Classification system.

(ii) Discuss the problems of Two Kingdoms Classification system.

problem4) (i) What do you understand by binomial nomenclature? List the principles of binomial nomenclature.

(ii) describe the role of Botanic garden.

problem5) (i) List the principles of numerical taxonomy. describe the procedure adopted by numerical taxonomists.

(ii) Define New-taxonomy. Discuss how electron microscopy could help in solving a Zoological problem faced by taxonomist.

problem6) Give an account of pre-Darwinian evolutionary thinking.

problem7) (a) Describe one evidence each from fields of physiology and biochemistry which support evolution.

(b) With the help of the ex describe the action of natural selection in uniform environment.

problem8) Describe how competition between two species leads to character displacement and ecological exclusion by giving an ex.

problem9) Describe biological species concept and describe the mechanisms of speciation.

problem10) (a) Compare between Homo habilis and Homo erectus.

(b) Discuss the evolution of culture in human beings.

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