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problem1) a) describe physiology and name different systems in the human body.

b) Differentiate the following sets of teems.

(i) Mitosis and Meiosis

(ii) Eukaryotic cell and prokaryotic cell

(iii) ABO blood grouping system and RH blood grouping system.

problem2) Briefly describe the following mechanisms in our body.

(i) Specific acquired immunity

(ii) Circulation of blood in our body


a) Graphically illustrate the organs involved in respiration and describe the mechanism of respiration.

b) Give the structure and composition of salivary glands.

problem4) a) Give the composition and functions of :

(i) Gastric juice

(ii) Pancreatic Juice

(iii) Bile

b) Briefly elaborate on the movements of the gastrointestinal tract.

problem5) a) Graphically illustrate the basis structure of a nephron and describe in 2-3 lines about each structure of a nephron.

b) Briefly describe the process of urine formation.

problem6) a) Briefly describe how the neurons communicate with each other.

b) Briefly elaborate on the structures and the functions of the organs, which constitute the central nerves system.

problem7) a)

describe the types and functions of the nerves which are a part of the peripheral nerves systems.

b) Illustrate the structure of the eye, highlighting the role of rods and cones in vision.


a) Name the various organs involved in taste perception and describe the mechanism of taste perception.

b) What are hormones? Briefly describe the mechanism of hormone action.

problem9. a) Name the major hormones secreted by following glands and describe their main physiological effect:

(i) Anterior Pituitary

(ii) Adrenal Gland

problem10) a) Briefly describe the stages of foetal growth and development.

b) Underline the role of various hormones during pregnancy and in the process of lactogenesis.

Section B

There are two problems in this part

problem1) Descibe in following in 2 - 3 sentences each:

(i) Vas Deferens

(ii) Facilitated Diffusion

(iii) Hemodialysis

(iv) Blood urea Nitrogen (BUN)

(v) Diabetes insipidus

(vi) Peristaltic movement

(vii) Hypoxia

(viii) Oxygen dissociation curve

(ix) Cardiac cycle

(x) Homeostasis


prepare down the functions/role of the following structure/organs in our today:

(i) Pineal gland

(ii) Cochlea

(iii) Urethra

(iv) Large intestine

(v) Cholecystokinin-pancreozymin(CCK-PZ)

(vi) Pyloric orfice

(vii) Lungs

(viii) Bundle of His

(ix) Major Histocompatability complex (MHC)

(x) Platelets

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    Dear tutor please, i want your help regarding this question, compare a healthy system to one that is affected with syphilis.

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