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Answer the following problems in detail.

problem 1) Derive the expression for the specific speed of turbine.

problem 2) Determine the force exerted by, a jet of water of diameter  l00 mm on a stationary flat plate, when the jet strikes the plate normally with a velocity of 30 m/s.

problem 3) What do you mean by cavitation? How it can be avoided in a reaction turbine? Describe in detail.

problem 4) Single acting reciprocating pump running at 50 rpm, delivers 0.01 m3/s of water. The diameter of the piston in 200 mm and stroke length is 400mm. Find out:

(a) Theoretical discharge of a pump.

(b) Coefficient of discharge.

(c) Slip and the percentage slip of the pump.

problem 5) prepare down the factors that limit the suction head and what is the maximum value of height adopted in practice? Describe in detail.

problem 6) A pelton wheel is supplied water under a head of 45m and at a rate of 48m3/min. The buckets deflect the jet through 165° and the mean bucket speed is l4m/s. compute the power delivered to shaft and overall efficiency of the machine. Suppose coefficient of velocity 0.985 and mechanical efficiency 0.95.

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