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The written assignment would be a study of dynamics of commercial imagery. There are many strategies which are used within commercial imagery to draw viewer into a dynamic engagement with the advertisement. The story line and cast of characters takes centre stage. The composition is also very carefully controlled, in order to drive the message home most effectively.

Your task is to find THREE exs of magazine ads that you find intriguing. Your search should be confined to magazine ads. Select your exs carefully. Cast wide net as you get started, then refine your selections down to the three which are most interesting, complex and effective. You will then discuss each of them according to the following:

1) Composition and Design

Analyze compositional aspects of the ad, including elements as colour, light, form, balance, contrast, emphasis and rhythm. How do these contribute to story, and to the overall message of the advertisement?

2) Narrative

Assess the extent to which the ad “tells a story.” Pay special attention to what moment(s) in story are shown, where the story is set, and how this setting contributes to the story. What role does product being advertised play in the story?

You must analyze and estimate effectiveness of each ad carefully. Do composition and narrative come together to create compelling and convincing advertisement?  Do not be afraid to give your own thoughtful speculations on why designers made certain decisions.

Caution: Try to avoid subjective responses such as “I don’t like this ad.”  You must not go into detailed discussion of why a product or service is a good idea or how much you enjoy using it.  You should not describe the viability or success of any product or marketing campaign in any way that is not directly associated to the imagery used.

You might draw upon ideas in your course readings, class notes, books, articles etc. where suitable. The important point is to really look at your exs, to select them carefully, and to describe your ideas in a clear, methodical and organized way.

Please follow these criteria: 5-6 pages text, approx. 300 words per page, double-spaced, 12-point “Arial” or “Times” font families.

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