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Determine the Volume of air and partial pressure of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour and air.

In the laboratory, you will test Charles's Law using a syringe filled with air. Because of the movable plunger on the syringe, the gas inside the syringe can be held at a constant pressure of 1.00 atm while allowing the volume of the gas to increase or decrease.

(a) You fill a syringe with 5.0 mL of air at 25oC and 1.00 atm. How many moles of air are contained in the syringe?

(b) Assume that the mole fraction of nitrogen in air is 0.79 and the mole fraction of oxygen in air is 0.21; conclude the partial pressure of each gas, and the mass of the each gas contained in the syringe.

(c) On repeating the experiment, you accidently trap a small of water inside the syringe. (Imagine that the water vapour reaches equilibrium inside the syringe, and neglect the volume of the liquid water which will be present.) Given a temperature of 25oC, a volume of 5.0 mL, and a total pressure of 1.00 atm, determine the partial pressure of water vapor and the partial pressure of air (without water vapor) inside the syringe.

(d) You enhance the temperature of the syringe to 65oC; the total pressure remains 1.00 atm, but the volume increases. Resolve the volume of the syringe at the new temperature. (Assume that the water vapor reaches equilibrium at 65oC.)

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