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Building design – You can choose any building to house your museum.  It might be a historical building (i.e. the Pantheon), it may be a present museum anywhere in the world (i.e. the Louvre in Paris), or it might be a building that you consider architecturally suitable for the art which you would exhibit. You will include that in the introduction slide as the picture of your museum. (see below).

Introduction – This will be the first page or slide of your presentation.  It should include the following:

Museum name ( do not use the name of a real museum, create your own)

A picture of the museum

Your name

Location of the Museum – Include a visual of and the rationale for your location of your museum. This is the second page or slide of your presentation.

Exhibit Directory – Here you will list the five exhibits that you select to incorporate into your museum and where they are housed in the building. You might select to make up wing names, etc., for the latter. If you have elected to use a theme, you will include your reasons for your choice in this slide.

Exhibit Number One – Choose the time period for your first exhibit.  Each exhibit is a space (room, floor, building wing) where you will show art work from a given historical period or artistic movement (these correlate with our chapters).  You may begin with an optional choice or the first mandatory time period, the Renaissance.  The first slide for the exhibit must include an introduction to the time period.  Your chapter introductions are a good source of information for this.  You must include 10 pieces of art in each exhibit.  The artwork that you choose for each exhibit must be juried art and may come from any of the following genres:

Sculpture (full round, high, and low relief)

Over the course of your five exhibits you would wishes to include a diversity of artwork.  In other words, not all work must be of just one or two genres.
You should label each work of art with the title, the artist, (in the case of artifacts, you might utilze the culture if artist is not known), the date or period of creation and the medium (i.e. limestone or marble or bronze for sculpture or tempera, oil, fresco, etc. for paintings)

Highlighted Work of Art – the last slide of each exhibit must highlight the background of your last work of art.  You might include anecdotal information about its creation, its significance in its genre or its significance in the body of work of its artist.

Exhibit Choices – You must select from the following time periods for your exhibits.

The Renaissance
The Age of Encounter
The Counter Reformation and The Baroque
The Age of Revolution
The Working Class and The Bourgeoisie
The Modern Age
Decades of Change

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