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problem 1)a) Determine the S.I. on Rs. 600 for 2 years at 5%. Find the amount.

(b) What do you mean by exchange rate.

(c) What do you mean by simple conversion.

(d) Determine the dividend received on 100 shares of Rs. 50 each, if rate of dividend is 10%.

(e) Determine the rate of interest if Principle = Rs.1000 for 3 years S.I. is 150.

(f) Determine the 7th term of G.P. :

4 + 12 + 36 + ....

(g) Determine the rate of dividend, when a man got 600 shares of face value 50 each & received 2400 as dividend?

(h) Determine 10th term of A.P.

2 + 4 + 6 + 8 + ...

(i) Define Discounting of bill?

(j) prepare down the difference between simple interest and compound interest.

problem 2) Determine the sum of series:

8 + 88 + 888 + 8888 + ....

problem 3) Sam deposited Rs. 20,000 in a bank for 2 years at 14% per annum compound quarterly. Determine the interest that he will get at time of maturity.

problem 4)(a) A watch originally cost Rs. 600 and was discounted at 10%. After two months it was sold after being discounted at 15% what was the sale price.

(b) The angles of triangle are in ratio of 1 : 2 : 3. What are the angles.

problem 5) Jack has a choice to invest in Rs.50 share of two firms at 240 each or 264 each. The first firm pays 5% dividend and second firm pays 6% dividend. How much more will be his return, if he invest Rs.1,32,000 with the firm. From which firm he gets better return on investment.

problem 6)(a) prepare a brief note on simple and compound conversion.

(b) If 1 (dollar) = Rs. 45 & 1 £ (Pound) = 80 Rs. What is exchange rate of $ to £ ?

problem 7)(a) prepare the steps to compute the rate of yield to maturity. Describe with suitable ex.

(b) Describe the different causes of changes in exchange rate.

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