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problem 1) What do you mean by the term ‘gynocritique’ used by Elaine Showalter in her essay “Towards a    Feministic Poetics”.

problem 2) describe the terms ‘colonizer’ and ‘colonized’ as used by Bill Ash Craft Gareth Griffiths and Helen Tiffin in “The Empire prepares back.”

problem 3) prepare a short note Aristotle’s concept of ‘Imitation’ in “Poetics”.

problem 4) Give a short account of the concept of ‘The function of poetry’ as stated by Aristotle in “Poetics”.

problem 5) prepare a brief note on ‘The Female Phase’ as stated by Showalter in her essay “Towards a Feministic Poetics.”

problem 6) Attempt an analysis of “Hamartia” and “Catharsis” in Aristotle’s Poetics.”

problem 7) prepare a detail note on Coleridge as a critic.

problem 8) How is Eliot’s account of tradition related to his notion of progress of an artist as ‘a continual extinction of personality’?

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