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Information Response: Massage Necessary.

As a general practitioner, you've noticed that many of your patients have begun to ask for a letter which states they've had massage therapy suggested by you. The reason your patients need the letter is that some insurance plans will not repay for massage expenses unless a medical doctor has said--in writing--that the treatment is necessary. Rather than writing a new letter each time a patient makes this request, you decide to develop a template that can be stored on your computer. The only thing that will have to change is the date and the name of the patient.


prepare a short information response letter than can be sent to any assurance plan/company. In the letter, figure out a manner to say that your patient needs massage for an underlying condition, not for a workplace or accident-related injury (sometimes insurance companies will not pay if the condition requiring treatment is a result of an accident or something that happened at work.)

- Comprise an appropriate Subject heading.
- You can begin with the Subject heading, and do not require include addresses.
- You do need an appropriate concluding paragraph and signature.

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