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problem 1) In what way did Dryden justify Tragic-Comedy in his “Essay on Dramatic Poesy”?

problem 2) prepare down the elements of Drama as enumerated in Bharatmuni’s “Natyashastra”.

problem 3) How does Coleridge distinguish between prose and poetry in Biographia Literaria.

problem 4) According to Eliot, in what ways ‘tradition’ could be acquired?

problem 5) prepare a brief note on Eliot’s “Theory of Impersonality”.

problem 6) prepare a short note on Bharata’s theory of ‘Rasa’ as describeed in “Natyashastra.”

problem 7) Who are the chief speakers and what do they symbolize in Dryden’s ‘An Essay on Dramatic Poesie? describe in detail.

problem 8) prepare down the three phases of growth in the tradition of English female that Elaine howalter discusses in her essay “Towards a Feminist Poetics.”

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