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problem 1: Why can one ignore quantization of charge when dealing with the macroscopic charges?

problem 2: What orientation of an electric dipole in a uniform electric field corresponds to the stable equilibrium?

problem 3: Name the physical quantity whose SI unit is JC-1.Is it a vector or a scalar quantity?

problem 4: Find out the amount of work done in moving 100 µC charge between two points 5 cm apart on an equipotential surface?

problem 5: The distance of the field point on the axis of a small electric dipole is doubled. By what factor will the electric field due to the dipole modify?

problem 6: In a parallel plate capacitor, the potential difference of 102 V is maintained between the plates. Determine the electric field at points A and B.?

1369_calculating electric field.jpg

problem 7: A Gaussian surface encloses an electric dipole in it. Find out the total flux across the sphere?

problem 8: What is the angle between the directions of electric field at any?

a) Axial point     
b) Equatorial point due to an electric dipole

problem 9: The graph below shows which the variation of charge versus potential difference V for the two capacitors C1 and C2. The two capacitors have similar plate separation however the plate area of C2 is doubled than that of C1.

Which of the line in the graph corresponds to C1 and C2 and why?

863_charge versus potential difference.jpg

problem 10: A point charge q is placed at O as shown in the below figure:


Is VP - VQ + ve or – ve when:

a) q > 0,
b) q < 0?

Justify your answer.

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