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problem 1: What will be the consequence on interference fringes in Young’s double slit experiment if:

a) Monochromatic source is substituted by white light.
b) Screen is moved away from the slit.

Justify your answer.

problem 2: Name one of the devices for generating polarized light. Two polarides are [laced perpendicular to one other and the transmitted intensity is zero. What happens when one more Polaroid is placed between such two at an angle of 450?

problem 3: In Young’s experiment the width of the fringes obtained with light of wavelength 6000 A0 is 2 mm. Determine the fringe width if the apparatus is immersed in a liquid of refractive index 4/3?

problem 4: State that the maximum intensity in interference pattern is four times the intensity due to each and every slit.

problem 5: In a single slit diffraction experiment, the width of the slit is made double the original width. How does this influence the size and intensity of the central diffraction band?

problem 6: How does the resolving power of a microscope change on:

a) Reducing the wavelength of light.
b) Reducing the diameter of the objective lens.

problem 7: Draw the wave front for a beam of light:

a) Coming from a convex lens when a point source is placed at its focus.
b) Divergent radially from a point source.

problem 8: The refractive index of a denser medium is 1.732. Compute:

a) Polarizing angle of the medium
b) Angle of refraction.

problem 9: Find out the angular separation between the central maximum and first order maximum of diffraction pattern due to the single slit of width 0.25 mm.

problem 10: State the two conditions for sustained interference of light. Draw the variation of intensity with position in Young’s double slit experiment.

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