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problem 1) What is hardness of water? describe different methods used to remove temporary and permanent hardness of water.

problem 2) What are radiopharmaceuticals? prepare in brief different methods of radiation measurement

problem 3) Attempt the following:

a) Describe biological effect of radiation?

b) prepare the alterations of limit tests of Lead.

c) describe the role of:

i) Lead acetate cotton plug in limit test of Arsenic.

ii) Thioglycolic acid in limit test of Iron.

d) Discuss mechanism of action of antioxidant.

e) prepare reactions of limit test of arsenic IP.

f) Discuss limit test of chloride for potassium permanganate.

g) Distinguish between nuclear fission and fusion.

problem 4) prepare brief notes on the following:

a) Monograph of IP.

b) Medicinal applications of radiopharmaceuticals.

c) Oxygen.

d) Effect of impurities on properties of substances.

e) Radio opaque contrast media.

problem 5) What are essential and trace ions? Describe absorption, distribution, physiological role and official compounds of Iron.

problem 6) What are antidotes ? Classify them with suitable ex. prepare a detailed note on cyanide poisoning.

problem 7) Describe in detail combinations of antacid preparations.

problem 8) Attempt the following:

a) Give the function of semithicone in antacid preparation.

b) prepare about topical protective.

c) Describe about acidifying agent.

d) What are ideal requirement of antacids? describe evaluation of antacids activity.

e) Give the composition of intra and extra cellular electrolyte. Describe role of chloride and bicarbonate ion in body.

f) describe the mechanism of action of saline cathartics.

g) prepare about potassium chloride as electrolyte replanisher.

problem 9) prepare brief notes on the following:

a) Assay of Iodine and Magnesium sulphate.

b) Role of fluoride as anticaries agent.

c) Alum as astringent.

d) Physiological acid base balance.

e) Expectorant and Emetics

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