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problem 1)i) describe different methods for calculation of equivalent of redox substances. Classify redox indicators. Describe functioning of internal indicators.

ii) Describe in details about applications and instrumentation of polarimeter. Add a note on optical activity.

problem 2) Solve the following:

i) describe in brief various solvents used in non aqueous titration.

ii) What is buffer index? prepare equation to find out buffer index.

iii) Describe common ion effect. How is it utilized for controlling the concentration of weak electrolyte?

iv) describe on titanous chloride titration.

v) Describe the principle of permanganate titration.

vi) Give the application of high frequency titration.

vii) Enlist different conditions used in Iodometric determination.

problem 3) prepare notes on:

i) Instrumentation of conductometry

ii) ORD and CD

iii) different methods of oxidation-reduction reactions

iv) Assay of Sulphanilamide

v) Pharmaceutical applications of non aqueous titration.

problem 4) describe different factors affecting stability constants. Give pharmaceutical applications of complexometric titration.

problem 5) What is co-precipitation and how it is reduced? Provide the application of gravimetric analysis.

problem 6) Solve the following:

i) Discuss on Metalochromic indicators

ii) compute pH of 0.01 M acetic acid solution (pKa – 4.76).

iii) describe on types of EDTA titration

iv) Describe ligand and sequentering agent

v) describe on potentiometric titration

vi) describe common ion phenomenon. How it is utilized for controlling the concentration of weak electrolyte ?

problem 7) prepare short note on:

i) Oxygen flask combustion

ii) Statistical tests of significance

iii) Filtration

iv) Nitrogen determination by Kjeldah’s method

v) Post precipitation

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