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problem 1: Four charges each containing charge ‘q’ are all along x-axis at x = 1 cm, x = 2 cm, x = 4 cm, x = 8 cm. Find out the electric field at x = 0 due to such charges.

problem 2: A 4 µF capacitor is charged through a 200 V supply. The supply is then disconnected and the charged capacitor is joined to the other uncharged 2 µF capacitor. How much electrostatic energy of the first capacitor is lost in the method of attaining the steady situation?

problem 3: The electric field in a region is radially outward and differs with distance r as E = 250 r Vm-1. Compute the charge contained in a sphere of radius 0.2 m centered at the origin.

problem 4: How charge given to inner sphere transfers to outer sphere? Name the device where it is used. Describe with diagram working of that device.

problem 5: State the term gauss’s theorem. Use it to find out electric field due infinite line of charge. What is the effect on electric field, when charge density gets double and distance between point and line of charge is half.

problem 6: There is an isolated parallel plate capacitor of capacitance C charged to a potential difference V. If the separation between the plates is doubled, then how the given quantities will differ:

a) Capacitance.
b) Potential difference.
c) Charge on the capacitor.
d) Electric field inside the plates.
e) Energy stored.

problem 7: What do you mean by the term electric field? Find out an expression for electric field all along the axial line of electric field. Give its SI unit.

problem 8: What is an electric polarization of a dielectric? What is the consequence on capacitance of a capacitor when a dielectric of width ‘t’ is placed between the two plates of parallel plate capacitor?

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