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problem1) Answer all the problems:

i) What do you mean by the term morpheme? How does it differ from a phoneme.

ii) Form two sentences each to express notion –“Prohibition & Less Possibility”.

iii) Give two synonyms each for the words ‘Eligible’ & ‘Adore’.

iv) Give one word substitution for “One who works for free”.

v) describe nasal and oral sounds?

problem2) prepare brief notes on :- ‘Plosive  or occlusive’ & morpho phonemics in your own words with appropriate ex.

problem3) prepare a brief note on morphology. Give appropriate ex.

problem4) Critically understand the following poems:

‘Day after day, O lord of my life’,
Shall I stand before thee face to face.
With folded hands, O lord of all worlds,
Shall I stand before thee face to face.
Under the great sky in solitude & silence,
With humble heart, shall I stand before thee face to face.
In this laborious world of thine , tumultuous with toil and with struggle, among hurrying crowds.
Shall I stand before thee face to face.
And when my work shall be done in this world,
O king of kings, alone and speechless,
Shall I stand before thee face to face.

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