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problem 1) Define widemann-Franz law.

problem 2) What are cathode rays? How they are produced?

problem 3) prepare down the expression for electrical conductivity.

problem 4) What is Compton effect?

problem 5) State photoelectric effect.

problem 6) What are characteristic X-rays?

problem 7) For the total quantum number n= 4, list the possible values of l and m.

problem 8) prepare two concepts of vector atom model.

problem 9) Define Pauli’s exclusion principle.

problem 10) What is lattitude effect in cosmic ray studies?

problem 11) State the principle of scintillation counters.

problem 12) What are the functions of magnetic field and electric field in a cyclotron?

problem 13) What are cosmic ray showers? Why they are called so?

problem 14) What are antiparticle and antimatter?

problem 15) State the principle of GM counter

problem 16) describe with essential theory Dunnington’s method of finding the e/m of an electron.

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