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You are the lead manager of a planning and evaluation consultation firm in health care and have been commissioned by Government to conduct an evaluation.

Using Ovretveit's evaluation designs, perspectives and types you are required to develop an evaluation plan into an issue of your choice within ONE of the following three categories:

1) Health care organisational processes (management, service administration, service provision and/or delivery);

2) Health care policy of your choice; or

3) Community or a public health issue of your choice.
Your assignment is to take the form of a report of 2500 words. You should provide:

1) Executive summary of your proposal including a brief description of the researched setting (organisational process, policy, public/community issue).

2) The type of evaluation you will conduct and your justification.

3) The design of your evaluation.

4) The perspective of your evaluation.

5) Evaluation aims, methods, outcomes and measures.

6) How you will go about planning your evaluation.

7) How you will implement your evaluation (i.e. think about the project management and implementation modules).

8) The tools and strategies you will utilise to minimise risks.

9) A description of your stakeholders and associated communication and risk strategies.

10) The implementation plan of your evaluation.

11) Key outcomes and measures to be addressed.

12) Reference list.

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