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Using materials generally found in the home, your garage, and car (ex: battery acid), propose procedures for the given chemical operations. You as well have access to rocks in the back yard that are covered with lichens. Acid-base indicators can simply be extracted from the lichens.

1) Prepare gaseous hydrogen to fill a balloon.

2) Prepare a non-flammable gas to inflate a balloon. The gas might be heavier than air.

3) Semi-quantitative analysis of the amount of the red, water-soluble natural dye in red cabbage. You will have to make some suppositions about the dye.

4) You eat lots of fried bacon and have some pounds of bacon fat. Transform this greasy mess into a useful household product.

5) Your water is very-very hard and you need a few liters of water free of calcium cations. Recommend a method to decrease the amount of calcium. If you are very clever, you can modify this procedure to eliminate the excess of the reagent added to decrease the concentration of calcium.

6) Your home is a cabin in the mountains far from civilization. You suspect that your water heater is defective and fear that combustion of the propane fuel is incomplete and the concentration of carbon monoxide in the flue gas is elevated. You consider passing the flue gas via a solution that will absorb the carbon monoxide. Concoct a solution for this purpose.

7) Paints are mostly emulsions of water-insoluble inorganic substances in oils like linseed oil. Recommend a means of preparing green paint. You might consult the CRC Handbook for colors of inorganic substances.

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