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problem 1: A uniform electric field of 2 kNC-1 is in the x-direction. A point charge of 3 μC initially at rest at the origin is discharged. Determine the kinetic energy of this charge at x = 4m?

problem 2: Two identical metal plates are given the charges Q1 and Q2 (Q2 < Q1) correspondingly. If they are now brought close altogether to form a parallel plate capacitor with capacitance C then find out the potential difference between them?

problem 3: Three charges Q, + q and + q are placed at the vertices of a right angle isosceles triangle as shown below. Find out the magnitude of Q for which total electrostatic energy of the configuration is zero.

1386_net electrostatic energy.jpg

problem 4: A charge Q is distributed all over the two concentric hollow spheres of radii ‘r’ and ‘R’(R > r) in such as way the surface densities are equivalent. Find out the potential at the common centre.

problem 5: An electric dipole is held in a uniform electric field. By using appropriate diagram, show that it does not undergo any translatory motion and derive an expression for torque acting on it and state its direction.

problem 6: The field potential within a charged ball depends merely on the distance from its centre as V = ar2+b, where a and b are constants. Find out the space charge distribution r(r) within the ball.

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