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Fundamentals of chemistry.

1. Hydrogen bonding in water contributes to
1. a decreased boiling point
2. an increased vapor pressure
3. a decreased melting point
3. a decrease in volume on freezing
4. none of the above.

2. The conditions under which gases behave most ideally are
1. high temperature, high pressure
2. low temperature, low pressure
3. high temperature, low pressure
4. low temperature, high pressure

3. Under the Bronsted?Lowry definition a base is
1. a source of hydroxide ions.
2. a proton donor
3. a proton acceptor
4. a nonelectrolyte

4. The gas in a cylinder at 20.0 oC exerts a pressure of 200 atm. The cylinder is heated to a temperature of 200 oC. To what value will the pressure rise assuming the cylinder volume does not change?
1.484 atm.
2. 223 atm.
3. 2000 atm.
4. 20 atm.
5. none of the above.

5. Which pressure does not correspond to 1.25 atm? ( 1 in. = 2.54 cm)?
1. 950 torr
2. 950 cm Hg
3. 37.4 in. Hg
4. all of the above.
5. none of the above

6. A solution is found to have a pH 3.20. What is its pOH?
1. 3.20
2. 8.80
3. 14.00
4. 10.80

7. The pH of many cola ? type drinks is about 3.0. How many times greater is the hydronium ion concentration in these drinks than in neutral water?
1. 10,000 times
2. 1,000
3. 7,000 times
4. 100,000 times
e. none of the above, pH of water and most colas are the same.

8. At constant temperature the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure. This is known as (the)
1. Boyle's law.
2. Dalton's law.
3. Charles` law.
4. ideal gas law.

9. Changing the temperature of 4.0 mol of hydrogen gas at constant pressure from 100 oC to 200 K will
1. increase its mass by a factor of three.
2. decrease the volume that the gas occupies.
3. increase the kinetic energy of the hydrogen molecules.
4. decrease the density by a factor of two.

10. In one experiment, a dry sample of an unknown gas was collected. Its volume at 745 mm Hg and 63.0 oC was 815.5 mL. How many moles of this gas was obtained?
1. 0.0290 moles
2. 2.90 moles
3. 29.0 moles
4. 2310 moles
5. none of the above.

11. A weak electrolyte generates
1. a high percentage of ionization in solution.
2. a low percentage of ionization in solution.
3. essentially zero ionization in solution.
4. low solubility in a basic solution.

12.The possible consequences of the greenhouse effect were seen in recent data suggesting a correlation with the onset of spring in North American and all of Europe Recent satellite date shows spring plants emerging a full seven days early on average in the 1986?1996 period as compare with data for the 1960?1980 period. Fossil fuel use contributes to the greenhouse effect by increasing the concentration of which of the following gases.
1. ozone
2. carbon monoxide
3. carbon dioxide
4. all of the above.
5. none of the above.

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