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Q1. Two children seat themselves on the see-saw. The one on left has a weight of 400 N whereas the one on right weighs 300 N. The fulcrum is at the mid-point of the see-saw. If the child on the left is not at end however 1.50 m from the fulcrum is and the see-saw is balanced, find out the torque given by the weight of the child on right?

a) 600 N•m
b) 450N•m
c) -600 N•m
d) -450 N•m
e) 0 N m

Q2. The quantity ‘moment of inertia’ (in terms of basic quantities of mass, length and time) is equal to:

a) ML2T2
b) ML
c) ML2
d) ML1T2
e) ML2

Q3. The total kinetic energy of a baseball thrown with spinning motion is the function of:

a) Its linear speed however not rotational speed.
b) Its rotational speed however not linear speed.
c) Both linear and rotational speeds.
d) Neither linear nor rotational speed.
e) None of the above.

Q4. A bowling ball consists of a mass of 7.0 kg, a moment of inertia of 2.8 x 102 kgm2 and a radius of 0.10 m. If it rolls down the lane devoid of slipping at a linear speed of 4.0 m/s, determine its total kinetic energy?

a) 45 J
b) 32 J
c) 11 J
d) 78 J.
e) 85 J.

Q5. The solid sphere of mass 4.0 kg and radius 0.12 m begins from rest at the top of the ramp inclined 15, and rolls to the bottom. The upper end of ramp is 1.2 m higher than the lower end. Find out the linear speed of the sphere when it reaches the bottom of ramp? (I = 0.4MR2 for a solid sphere and g = 9.8 m/s2)

a) 4.7 m/s
b) 4.1 m/s
c) 3.4 m/s
d) 2.4 m/s
e) 1.8 m/s

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