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Determining the level of the liquids in the tubes.

1. The ends of two thin glass tubes are stuck in the same pool of water. Though both tubes are thin, one tube has a smaller inside diameter (Tube 1) than the other (Tube 2). Both tubes are made of the same material. Would you expect the level in Tube 1 to be higher or lower than that in Tube 2? describe the answer.

2. Captain Ahab was sailing in the North Atlantic Ocean when he encountered an iceberg. Being the savvy nautical mind that he was, he wisely steered well clear of the iceberg as he and his mates headed south toward more balmy climes. On his way he decided to retrace the route of the British Fleet during the War of 1812. (This assuming Captain Ahab came after the War of 1812. Apologies to all for any historical or literary inaccuracies.) Captain Ahab eventually sailed into Lake Ontario where, shiver-me-timbers, he encountered an iceberg of precisely the similar overall size, shape, and density as the one he encountered before. Did the iceberg also appear precisely the same, or was there a difference in what the good Captain saw? Suppose that density of seawater is greater than that of freshwater.

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