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problem 1: A person fishing from a pier examines that 4 wave crests pass by in 7.0 s and estimates the distance between them to be 4.0 m. The timing begins with the first crest and ends with the fourth. Find out the speed of the wave?

problem 2: The distance between successive crest in a sequence of water waves is 4.0 m and the crests travel 9.0 m in 4.5 s. Determine the frequency of the waves?

problem 3: The period of a wave from a piano is 1.18 x 10-3 s. If the speed of wave in air is 3.4 x 102 m/s, then determine the wavelength?

problem 4: A source with a frequency of 20 Hz generates water waves that have a wavelength of 3.0 cm. Find out the speed of the waves?

problem 5: A wave on a rope travels at a speed of 2.5 m/s. If the wavelength is 1.3 m, determine the period of the wave?

problem 6: A given crest of water wave needs 5.2 s to travel between two points on a fishing pier situated 19 m apart. It is noted in a series of waves that 20 crests pass the first point in 17 s. Find out the wavelength of the waves?

problem 7: An FM station broadcasts radio signals with a frequency of 92.6 MHz. If such radio waves travel at a speed of 3.00 x 108 m/s, find out their wavelength?

problem 8: Two men are fishing from small boats positioned 30 m apart. Waves pass via the water and each man’s boat bobs up and down 15 times in 1.0 min. At a time when one boat is on a crest, the other one is in a trough, and there is one crest between the two boats. Find out the speed of the waves?

problem 9: A group of swimmers is resting in the sun on an offshore raft. They estimate that 3.0 m separates a trough from an adjacent crest of surface waves on the lake. They count 14 crests which pass by the raft in 2.0 x 101 seconds how fast are the waves moving?

problem 10: Water waves in a shallow dish are 6.0 cm long. At one point the water oscillates up and down at a rate of 4.8 oscillations per second.

a) Determine the speed of the waves?
b) Determine the period of the waves?

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