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problem 1: The co­efficient of friction between a curling rock and the ice is .04. If the mass of the rock is 18 kg, determine the acceleration of the rock if it has just been discharged by the curler?

problem 2: A truck runs out of gas on a level road. It coasts from 28m/s to a stop over a distance of 140 m. If the mass of the truck is 8000 kg, find out the co­efficient of friction between its tires and the road?

problem 3: A 20.0 kg box is being pulled up a 38.0o incline, by a rope at a constant speed of 1.5m/s. If the force of friction is 80.0 N, determine the tension (pulling force) in the rope?

problem 4: A 50 kg crate drops off a truck and hits the road travelling at 20m/s. After a distance of 35 m the crate comes to a stop. Find out the force of friction acting on the crate?

problem 5: A 3.5 kg rock is thrown vertically to the air with an acceleration of 4.75m/s2. Find out the magnitude and direction of the force employed to throw the rock?

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