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problem 1: Draw a graph showing variation of intensity of polarized light transmitted through an analyzer.

problem 2: Bubbles of a colorless soap solution appear colored in sun light. describe why?

problem 3: What happens to the energy at destructive interference in the interference pattern?

problem 4: State the Huygens principle. For reflection of plane wave front at a plane reflecting surface, construct the corresponding reflected wave front. By using this diagram prove that the angle of incidence is equivalent to angle of reflection.

problem 5: Two independent sources of light can’t be coherent. Why? Two coherent sources have intensities in the ratio 25:16. Find out the ratios of the intensities of maxima to minima after the interference.

problem 6: In a single slit diffraction experiment width of the slit is made up of double the original width. How does it influence the size and intensity of central diffraction band? Describe. Draw a graph showing the variation of intensity with angle in single slit diffraction.

problem 7: What is meant by the term plane polarized light? What type of waves show the property of polarization? describe a method to generate plane polarized light.

problem 8: Define the term polarizing angle. Derive the relation joining polarizing angle and refractive index of the medium.

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