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problem 1) Derive the expression for thermal conductivity from the free electron theory of metals.

problem 2)(a) describe Bragg’s K-ray spectrometer.

(b) State and describe the laws of photoelectric emission.

problem 3)(a) prepare a detailed note on coupling schemes.

(b) Describe the theory of Raman effect.

problem 4)(a) describe the working of Wilson’s cloud chamber.

b) Deutrons in a cyclotron describe a circle of radius 0.48 m just before emerging from the dees. The alternating potential applied to the dees has a frequency of 10MHz. Compute the velocity of the deutrons.

problem 5)(a) State the laws of radioactive disintegration. describe half-life period.

(b) Describe the gamma ray interaction with matter.

problem 6) State specific charge of an electron. describe Thomson’s method of determination of specific charge of an electron.

problem 7) prepare Einstein’s photo electric equation. describe Millikan’s experiment for verification photoelectric equation.

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