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problem 1: Sound A has intensity 10 times the threshold if hearing and sound B has intensity 100 times the threshold of hearing. How much louder do we perceive sound B?

problem 2: The distance from a point source of sound to the left ear is 2.00 m and the distance to the right ear is 2.01 m.

A) Find out the differences in time between sounds reaching the ears from this source.
B) Compute the sound intensity at the right ear compared to at the left ear.

problem 3: Throughout a typical eight-hour workday, the average sound intensity arriving at Suzy's ear is 1.8× 10-5 W/m2. If the area of Suzy’s ear via which the sound passes is 2.1× 10-3 m2, what is the total amount of sound energy entering her ear each workday?

problem 4: (Decibel scale – computation)

A) In dB, what are the differences between two intensities differing by factor of two, by using the lower intensity as the reference?

2111_decibel scale_1.jpg

B) A noise is measured at 2×10-3 W/m2. Determine this in Db?

642_decibel scale_2.jpg

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