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problem 1)(a) describe the process of determining viscosity.                 

b) Derive reduced equation of state and describe its significance.              

c) Derive Maxwell-Boltzmann law of distribution of molecular velocities.      

problem 2)a) State molar volume and parachor.                            

b) Define mean free path and collision frequency. Compute z11 values for oxygen at 25°C given that, the collision diameter (σ) is 361 pm; pressure =1 atm and =444ms–1.                            

c) prepare detailed notes on (i) Brownian movement (ii) Trouton’s rule                          

problem 3)a) Differentiate between physiorption and chemisorption.                  

b) Sketch Fublonski diagram and describe different photophysical processes.

c) State the applications of catalysis, catalytic promotors and poisons.

problem 4)a) Desrcribe the enzyme catalysis and its properties.

b) Differentiate

(i) thermal and photochemical reactions

(ii) Fluorescence and phosphorescence.                             

c) Describe the factors influencing adsorption.                           

problem 5)a) State and describe the terms in phase rule.                         

b) Arrive at k and t1/2 for 2A→products reaction.                      

c) Derive an expression Kp interms of partial pressure for gaseous decomposition of N2O4 for HI equilibrium why Kp=Kc.   

problem 6)a) Describe the phase diagram of sulphur system, with a sketch.              

b) Derive rate constant for a second order reaction A+B→product(s).              

c) What are the factors that influence the equilibrium and discuss in detail the variation of K with the temperature? prepare Vanthoff equation.              

problem 7)a) State and describe the I and II laws of thermodynamics.                 

b) State and describe the laws of thermo chemistry and Hess’s law of constant heat summation.             

c) Compute ?S when one mole of steam at 100°C is converted into ice at 0°C. Given: Average specific heat of liquid water =4.184×102 JK-1kg–1. Heat of vaporisation at 100°C=2.258×102kJ kg–1 ; Heat of fusion at freezing point =333.46×103 J kg–1        

problem 8)a) prepare down equation for work done in an isothermal process of expansion.         

b) Derive Kirchoff’s equation.

c) prepare notes on entropy and enthalpy.

problem 9)a) Define transport number. How is it determined?

b) describe the different types of electrodes with exs.

problem 10) describe with the principles the following conductmetric titration

a) A strong acid with a strong base.

b) A weak acid with a strong base.

c) KCl solution with AgNO3 solution. By what is SEP? How is it determined?

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