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problem1. Simplify the following expression and state the coefficient of each variable.
(a) 6m-4-2m+15                 
(b) 4x+6y-3x+5y

problem2. Perform each of the following algebraic expression as instruction says;-
I. Multiply 5x+6m+4y by 5                           
II. Divide 4ax+6ay-10az by 2a

. Solve the following equations
i. 2x-8=8           
ii. 3x+2/5=4            
iii. 8/3x-2=2                         
iv. 0.6x-5=7

problem4. Solve the following pairs of simultaneous equations by elimination method
   i.2x+y=10                              ii. 3x+y=6
     3x-2y=1                                 5x+y=8


problem5. Solve the following simultaneous equations by graphical methods
  a) i.2x-y=1                                       ii. x+y=3
        x+y=2                                          x-y=1
 b) Solve the following inequalities    i) 5x>12         ii) 6x+4≥2       iii) 2x-5≤1/2

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