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problem 1: Where an object must be placed from a converging lens of focal length 20 cm so as to get a real image of magnification 2?

problem 2: Show that the angle of deviation is based on angle of incidence.

problem 3: prepare down the difference between dispersive and non dispersive medium with illustrations.

problem 4: Show that lateral displacement is directly proportional to t and i1.

problem 5: What is the major requirement in the fabrication of optical fibers?  How it can be accomplished? prepare two illustrations.

problem 6: Obtain a relation for refraction from a rarer to denser medium at a convex spherical surface forming real image.

problem 7: Derive thin lens formula for the concave lens.

problem 8: What do you mean by the term myopia? What are its causes? How can it be corrected?

problem 9: describe an astronomical telescope. Derive an expression for its magnifying power when final image is at

a) Infinity.
b) At D.

problem 10: Compound microscope consists of an objective lens of focal length 2 cm and eye lens of focal length 5 cm. If an object is placed 3 cm from the objective and final image is formed at the least distance of distinct vision, find out the magnification produced.

problem 11: A double convex lens made of glass of refractive index 1.5 consists of both curvatures of radii 20 cm. An object 2 cm high is placed 2 cm from this lens, find out the position, nature and size of the image.

problem 12: The angle of minimum deviation for yellow light in a prism of refractive index 1.6 is found to be 460. Compute refracting angle of the prism.

problem 13: Derive lens maker’s formula.

problem 14: Provide the construction and working of a compound microscope. Define and derive an equation for its magnifying power.

problem 15: For refraction via prism derive the prism formula.

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