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Determine the mass of snow that can be completely melted.

Use the table below to work the following problem:


Specific Heat

Heat of Fusion

Heat of Vaporization

Melting Point

Boiling Point


0.0927 cal/g?C

26.94 cal/g

421.1 cal/g




0.00306 cal/g?C

14.99 cal/g

393.4 cal/g




0.554 cal/g?C

25.02 cal/g

554.9 cal/g




0.586 cal/g?C

 2.729 cal/g

70.61 cal/g




0.184 cal/g?C

4.859 cal/g

95.61 cal/g




0.48 cal/g?C

80 cal/g





1.0 cal/g?C


540 cal/g




0.48 cal/g?C






1. find out the mass of snow (frozen water) that can be completely melted with the application of 5.00 x 109 cal.

2. How much heat is necessary to completely vaporize 2.00 quarts of water at room temperature?

3. Mercury in a thermometer has a volume of 3.00mL.  What is the maximum temperature a mercury thermometer can measure?

4. Phosphorous is frequently used as a component in matches.  find out the amount of heat required to completely liquefy 4.5g of phosphorous.

5. 1143 cal of heat are transferred to an 89.0 gram sample of an unknown material, with an initial temperature of 23.0? C.   What is the specific heat of the material if the final temperature is 89.5? C?

6. Zinc has a density of 7.13 g/mL.  find out the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 9.25g from 27oC to 100oC.

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