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problem 1: Jupiter is 7.78 x 1011 m from the sun and has a mass of 1.90 x 1027 kg. Determine the force of gravity due to the sun acting on Jupiter?

problem 2: Uranus needs 84 years to circle the sun and has a mass of 8.80 x 1025. Determine Uranus orbital radius.

problem 3: Venus consists of a period of revolution of 225 earth days and the distance between the sun and Venus is 1.08 x 1011 m. Determine the orbital Speed of Venus?

problem 4: An apparatus such as the one Cavendish used to find out G has a large lead ball that is 5.9 kg in mass and a small one that is 0.047 kg. Their centers are separated through 0.055 m. Find out the force of attraction between them.

problem 5: The gravitational force between the two electrons 1.00 m apart is 5.54 x 10-71 N.  Find out the mass of an electron.

problem 6: Mimas, a moon of Saturn, consists of an orbital radius of 1.87 x 108 m and an orbital period of around 23 hrs. Find out the mass of Saturn.

problem 7: On July 19 1969, Apollo II’s orbit around the moon was adjusted to 111 km. The radius of the moon is 1785 km and the mass of the moon is 7.3 x 1022 kg.

a) How many minutes did it take the orbit to moon?
b) At what velocity did it travel?

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