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It's been a busy weekend for Larry. Five people in his neighborhood left on vacation Saturday morning and each of them left a pet for Larry to care for till they return. It is a good thing this week is school vacation week, thus he has lots of time to take care of everybody! By some odd happenstance, the animals left in his charge are all distinct types of animals and each is owned by a person who lives alone, with just the one animal for company. Find out the name of each pet's owner, the name and animal type of each pet, the street each owner lives on and the number of days that Larry requires to care for the animals for each owner (3 days to 7 days).

1) Puddles weren’t owned by Warren. The owner of the cat was gone for 4 days. Daniel did not live on Park Street.

2) Larry required caring for the pet living on Snow Street for a longer time than for the pet named Sassy. Burton, who was not gone for the longest time, owned a ferret.

3) The owner living on Trip Street was gone for the longest time. Sassy was not the cat. The hamster lived on Bath Street.

4) Marcus owned a pet named Martian. The owner who had a pet named Cutie was gone for 5 days.

5) Sassy did not live on Wood Street. Karl owned the dog, however her name wasn't Gossip.

6) Daniel was gone for one day less than the person who lived on Snow Street however he was gone one day longer than the person who owned the parrot. Need help filling logic puzzle at:

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