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Answer all the problems described below:

problem 1: describe the radiographic method for shoulder joints.

problem 2: How will you perform x-rays of lumber spine in a young female patient (who is married)?

problem 3: prepare radiographic views for the given and elucidate:

a) Fracture frontal bone.
b) Dislocation of T.M. Joints.

problem 4: Briefly discuss about the radiography for sinuses.

problem 5: describe the radiographic method in following:

a) Chest x-ray of a 70 year old on ventilator.
b) Chest x-ray of a two year old baby.

problem 6: What is meant by acute abdomen? Mention the views to be completed in this case.

problem 7: Describe the given views:

a) S.M.V.
b) Occlusal Projection.

problem 8: In case of fracture of cervical vertebra, how will you get radiographic projections?

problem 9: prepare short notes on the following:

a) Soft tissue radiography.
b) Mobile radiography.

problem 10: prepare short notes on the following:

a) C1-C2 open mouth view.
b) Oblique views of S.I. Joints.

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