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problem 1:

Illustrate out the Stress – Optic law.

problem 2:

Make a distinction between nuclear fission and fusion.

problem 3:

Is Hydrogen bomb is more powerful than atom bomb? Provide reason.

problem 4:

Illustrate out the physical characteristics of heart sounds.

problem 5:

Illustrate out the Half Value Thickness of the specimen.

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A small rubber ball is launched by a compressed-air cannon

A small rubber ball is launched by a compressed-air cannon from ground level with an initial speed of 19.9 m/s directly upward. Choose upward as the positive direction in your analysis. (a) What is the maximum height abo ...

In a time of t seconds a particle moves a distance of s

In a time of t seconds, a particle moves a distance of s meters from its starting point, where s = 4t 3 . (a) Find the average velocity between t = 0 and t = h if: (i) h = 0.1, (ii) h = 0.01, (iii) h = 0.001. (b) Use you ...

A rigid sample cell with constant total volume is divided

A rigid sample cell (with constant total volume) is divided by a Flexible, semipermeable membrane into two initial volumes, Vi 1 and Vi 2 . Both volumes are filled with solvent A, which flows freely across the membrane. ...

Unreasonable resultsthe manufacturer of a smoke alarm

Unreasonable Results The manufacturer of a smoke alarm decides that the smallest current of α radiation he can detect is 1.00 µA . (a) Find the activity in curies of an α emitter that produces a 1.00 µA current of α part ...

A wetted-wall column as illustrated in figure is used as a

A wetted-wall column, as illustrated in Figure, is used as a mass-transfer device for transferring ethyl acetate liquid to an air stream by a mass-transfer limited evaporation process. At the current conditions of operat ...

If the top row of pascals triangle which contains the

If the top row of Pascal's triangle (which contains the single number ‘1') is denoted row zero, what is the sum of all the numbers in the triangle above row N?

Newtons second law of motionpurpose - to determine the

Newton's Second Law of Motion Purpose - To determine the relationship between net force, mass, and acceleration and to use vector addition to determine the net force on an object. Discussion 1. In the situation with a co ...

An lr combination is connected to an ideal battery if l 10

An LR combination is connected to an ideal battery. If L= 10 mH, R = 2.0 ohms and E = 2.0 v how much time will it take for the current to reach 0.63 A?

When a 275 kg fan having blades 185 cm long is turned off

When a 2.75 kg fan, having blades 18.5 cm long, is turned off, its angular speed decreases uniformly from 10.0 rad/s to 6.30 rad/s in 5.00 s. (a) What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the fan? (b) Through ...

If the a1n-si schottky barrier contact shown in given

If the A1/n-Si Schottky barrier contact shown in given Figure was used as the ohmic contact to the n-Si surface of the 1957SNS p+/n diode, how would the forward I-V characteristics look? Sketch it both on linear-linear a ...

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