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problem 1) Answer all the problems:

i) The acceleration due to gravity on surface of moon is 1.7 m/sec2. What is the time period of a simple pendulum on the moon if its time period is 3.5 sec on earth?

ii) Does the hall for lecture have a longer period for reverberation. describe in detail?

iii) What is reverberation time? Compare its value for speech, contemporary music and choral music.

iv) How does capillary action affect the soldering process?

v) How do s-waves and p-waves travel through earth’s interior?

problem 2) Derive wave equation for circularly and elliptically polarized electromagnetic waves. Also describe poynting vector.

problem 3) describe damped harmonic motion and solution of differential equation of damped oscillator.

problem 4) Derive the speed of transverse waves on a uniform string, with the help of appropriate diagram.

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