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1) John throws a baseball from outfield from shoulder height, at the initial velocity of 29.4 m/s at an initial angle of 30.0 regarding the horizontal. The ball is in its trajectory for a total interval of 3s before third baseman catches it at an equal shoulder-height level. (Assume air resistance negligible) What is the ball's horizontal displacement?
a. 76.4 m
b. 38.2 m
c. 57.3 m
d. 66.7 m
e. Zero

2) A 7.00 kg bowling ball experiences a net force of 5 N. What would be its acceleration?
a. 35 m/s2
b. 7.0 m/s2
c. 5.0 m/s2
d. 0.71 m/s2
e. 0.71 m/s2
f. 0.52 m/s2

3) Two ropes are attached to a 40 kg object. The first rope applies a force of 25 N and the second, 40N. If the two ropes are perpendicular to each other, what is the resultant acceleration of an object?
a. 1.2 m/s2
b. 3.0 m/s2
c. 5.0 m/ s2
d. 25 m/s2
e. 47 m/s2

4) The acceleration due to gravity on the Moon's surface is one-sixth that on Earth. What net force would be required to accelerate a 20-kg object at 6.0 m/s2 on the moon?
a. 1.3 N
b. 20 N
c. 33 N
d. 120 N
e. 130 N

5) As I slide the box at constant speed up a frictionless slope, pulling parallel to the slope, the tension in the rope will be:
a. Greater than the tension will be if box were stationary.
b. Greater than the weight of box.
c. Equal to the weight of box.
d. Less than the weight of box.
e. Less than the tension would be if box were stationary.

6) A sled weighs 100N. It is held in place on a frictionless 20mgcos slope by a rope attached to a stake at the top; the rope is parallel to slope. What is the normal force of slope acting on the sled?
a. 94 N
b. 47 N
c. 37 N
d. 34 N
e. 28 N

7) A 500-N tightrope walker stands at the center of the rope such that each half of the rope makes an angle of 10.0 with the horizontal. What is the tension in the rope?
a. 1 440 N
b. 1 000 N
c. 500 N
d. 2 900 N
e. 2 100 N

8) Find out the tension in an elevator cable if the 1 .000 kg elevators is descending with an acceleration of 1.8 m/s2, downward.
a. 5 700 N
b. 8 000 N
c. 9 800 N
d. 11 600 N
e. 12 800 N

9) A horizontal force of 750 N is needed to overcome the force of static friction between a level floor and a 250-kg crate. If g = 9.8 m/s2, what is the coefficient of static friction?
a. 3.0
b. 0.15
c. 0.28
d. 0.31
e. 2.5

10) The unit of work, joule, is dimensionally the similar as:
a. Newton / second
b. Newton / kilogram.
c. Newton - second
d. Newton - meter.
e. Newton / meter.

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